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Talent is the most valuable resource of Xinbang Intelligence, we are always committed to creating an ideal working environment to attract the development and retention of the best talent, welcome to join the Xinbang Intelligent Talent Reserve Program.

Project Sales Manager (Guangzhou/Tianjin/Shanghai/Chongqing/Changchun) Recruitment Requirements: Long Term Effective
1. more than 5 years sales experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing related industries, with rich customer resources and customer relations;
2. have strong market analysis, marketing, promotion, pioneering ability, and analysis and problem solving ability;
3. have strong customer communication skills and business processing skills, strong organizational leadership and affinity;
4. experience with auto manufacturer is preferred;
5. team awareness, strong pressure resistance, can adapt to travel;
6. holds C1 driving licence;

Electrical Engineer (Guangzhou/Tianjin/Shanghai/Chongqing/Changchun) Recruitment Requirements: Long Term Effective
1. major in electrical, software, automation, mechatronics, mechanical and electronic engineering and related fields, college degree or above;
2. master Siemens, Mitsubishi, OMRON PLC programming, PLC debugging about three years experience, familiar with industrial field network configuration and debugging; 3. familiar with CAD,EPLAN drawing design, PLC programming, independent electrical design and commissioning project experience;
4. initiative, good communication and coordination skills, willing to accept new things, team work spirit;
5. responsible for listing the items of electrical purchase list and making system electrical operating instructions, responsible for the field system electrical control design, commissioning and follow-up issues feedback and tracking;
6. have automotive automation production line electrical design commissioning experience preferred;
7. able to accommodate short-term travel;
Job requirements:
1. degree or above, age 24-35 years;
2. automation related major;
3. have more than 2 years experience in electrical related work, master at least one PLC programming language, can understand electrical drawings;
4. experience in automotive industry is preferred;