Simplify the complex

Manufacturing plants around the world are facing increasing challenges, including cost control, productivity, quality and environmental sustainability, along with market demand for flexibility, product customization, and faster delivery increase. The solution is increasingly dependent on robots and machine automation. Xinbang Group to provide customers with improved, stable and reliable performance of the solution.


Automobile industry

The auto industry has been on the rise in recent years, and the new market and technology have brought new development prospects. But this growth trend on the existing and upcoming construction lines and production base of the production rate put forward a very high demand. Letter state to provide solutions to meet the growing demand for modernization and automation, in order to grasp the future direction of market development.


Engineering machinery

The machinery industry faces different challenges, extending equipment downtime, reducing maintenance, improving safety and energy consumption, and reducing total asset costs. With expertise in various industries and decades of technical experience in equipment manufacturers and end users, the letter states not only provide products, but also provide a comprehensive solution to help customers achieve their goals.


Electronic appliances

Low noise mute Operating life Long high quality Energy saving Reduced friction saves space

Our commitment to product quality is reflected in every aspect of the manufacturing process. From the development of new varieties to product after-sales service, letter state group has always provided the highest level of professional experience, manufacturing quality, and customer service.



UNITED FAITH Group will use all the expertise and technology to help customers solve the challenges they face:

  1. Innovative profitability and sustainable growth
  2. Development and implementation
  3. Asset management and state repair
  4. Local representative


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