UNITED FAITH Industrial Park (UFA)

UNITED FAITH Industrial Park is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou City Automobile City, covers an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, mainly engaged in automotive automation equipment design and integration (non-standard custom-based), set system design, manufacturing production and processing, integrated installation Commissioning, maintenance services and trade agents for one, to provide customers with automated intelligent solutions and turnkey projects.

FUJI Assembly Systems,Inc. (FAS)

FUJI Assembly Systems is the leading supplier of turnkey projects for the premier automotive production system in the industry. Services from the design and production of welding equipment, to electrical design, robot commissioning, on-site installation and production with, but also the ability to provide car tires plane equipment. Responsible for Japanese and Japanese manufacturers in overseas markets (including Japan, Southeast Asia, North and South America, etc.).

Fuji(guangzhou)Assembling Systems Co.,Ltd.(UFAS)

2010, UNITED FAITH and the world's top automotive body engineering, body mold, gage design, welding the whole line of solutions and manufacturing of well-known enterprises "Fuji Technology Co., Ltd." and "Fuji assembly systems,Inc." In Guangzhou, China set up a joint venture in Guangzhou Fuji Automobile Integrated Line Co., Ltd., a strategic partner, to undertake the Japanese Fuji advanced technology and the letter of the perfect combination of marketing services network, based in Guangzhou, serving the country, focusing on intelligent welding assembly line of the domestic market.

ShangHai ESTIC Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd (ECC)

ShangHai ESTIC Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, by the world's major tightening system supplier Japan ESTIC Corp. (Tokyo Stock Exchange code 6161) and the letter of intelligence co-funded to establish. Focus on manufacturing tightening equipment, servo press systems and automotive intelligent equipment. Fifteen years, for hundreds of enterprises to provide nearly a thousand devices, the Chinese market with the industry's top three.